Sean Tanner, Brandy Taylor, Alex Farrington and Rebecca Towley are met by Danny Poy.

   "What do you think of it?" Danny says.

   "It's a bit old, are you sure it's up to the job?" Sean says.

   "It's been restored by my fair-hand. It'll be good for another forty years."

   "They probably won't have petrol in forty years," Alex says.

   Danny starts to get irritated. "No cars will run on petrol in forty years time. It will probably be in a museum."

   "Bit like us then?" Sean laughs.

   "If you'd like to pack your things, then you can get on the road and start your holiday," Danny says.

   "We appreciate your help," Brandy says.

   "Yes, thank you," Rebecca adds.

The four operatives load the van and set off